More FlexPMD Rules

Adobe released an open source project called Adobe FlexPMD. This is a great tool to help you improve the quality of your software by scanning the code for illegal constructs and all kinds of worst practices. This automatic review tool can help you a lot. Of course it doesn’t replace the truly intelligent review. For this a human is probably always needed, but it definitely takes away the annoying part of pointing out the “simple” errors during your review. So during a review you can focus on the more intelligent stuff and you save a lot of time and money.

There are quite some rules available, but of course you never find the rules you need. So you have to build them your self. Personally i was looking for some rules to enforce some basic naming conventions, but they did not exist. This was a great opportunity to see if i could make such rules. Currently the documentation on creating your own rules this is quite limited, but the source code is available. So i did some digging and a Java project was setup to try and build some rules. The result is More FlexPMD Rules. Beside the jar file with the rules, the entire project (including the source) can be downloaded too.

The rules currently available in the More FlexPMD Rules are suited to check on:

Please note: it will probably not be able cover all the naming conventions out there, but this code is mainly meant to show you how easy it can be to build powerful Adobe FlexPMD rules.