Footer for the AdvancedDataGrid

Most datagrid components from other languages have some sort of footer functionality. The AdvancedDataGrid in Flex does not. This is an attempt to create a datagrid with a footer for Flex. It is not completely finished, but it is more like a proof of concept.

The basic idea is to use two datagrids. One grid will be the regular grid with the rows and the header. The other grid will be used for the footer and it will contain only one row without headers. This sample will be able to handle:

As you can see the sample has 2 columns. The totals of each column are displayed in the footer. Just change some of the values, move a column or resize a column and you will see it actually works.

This sample requires flash
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Using the ServletHelper with BlazeDS

The ServletHelper introduced in Separate a J2EE application from data/config can be used from BlazeDS easily. You can use it like this:


Separate a J2EE application from data/configuration

This is a generic way for separating the war file of the J2EE application from the data and configuration of the application. By having this separation it becomes easier to deploy another version of the war file of your J2EE application.

The idea is to specify a home directory for the J2EE application outside the J2EE server. This home directory can contain the configuration and the data. In this example the configuration for the application and Log4j is in this home directory. The logs are there too. Read more