About this blog

This blog contains mostly technical stuff i cooked up at home, because …

Basically it is a way to train myself in different technologies. I’m trying to put as much of these “training sessions” into articles for this blog. By calling it “training sessions”, i might be cutting myself short, because most of the stuff here is really being used in organisations.

You won’t find very specific personal opinions from me on this blog. I have these opinions of course, but that’s not what this blog is about. That’s why i call it a techblog. This blog just contains stuff that helped me and i hope it helps others too.

About the author

I’m a senior software engineer in The Netherlands. Over the years i have been working with quite a number of technologies. These technologies include Lotus Domino/Notes, Delphi, C#, Java, Adobe Flex and AIR. The projects i’m (and was) involved in had to be maintained and extended for many years. This gives a lot insight on good and bad decisions. Being involved in projects for a long time really shows the impact of decisions on design and code in the long run. This probably explains my passion for object oriented programming and design patterns. I’m a big fan of continuous integration and tools like Ant, Hudson / Jenkins too.

My (professional) reading list should give you some idea on what my interests are. So here are some of the books i have read over the last few years:

The following links point out stuff that’s certainly something to think about: