More FlexPMD Rules

More FlexPMD Rules is a project with some extra rules you can use with Adobe FlexPMD. It can save you a lot of time on reviewing. Nobody likes to point out the simple things like naming conventions. Now you can check these with the rules in More FlexPMD Rules and you can focus more on the more intelligent things like code structure.

The rules currently available in the More FlexPMD Rules are suited to check on:

The rules can be configured to your taste, because they use regular expressions. Here is a sample configuration of a rule:

<rule since="" class="nl.vanhulzenonline.moreflexpmdrules.rules.AttributeNamingConventionsRule"
  message="The name of the {1} attribute '{0}' does not use camel Casing. 
    A private attribute must start with an underscore">
    <property name="defaultNameRegex">
    <property name="privateNameRegex">
    <property name="packageFilterRegex">


Version Uses FlexPMD JAR file Sample ruleset Eclipse project archive
1.0 1.0 RC4 Download Download Download

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